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The £3,000,000 Bentley SUV you forgot about

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Many people think that the Bentayga was the first SUV from Bentley but they would in fact be wrong. Back in the 90s, the Sultan of Brunei was (and still is) a big customer of Bentley.

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In 1994, he commissioned a Bentley SUV which resulted in the Dominator. The man has around 7,000 cars with a combined value of around $5 billion, I think he can afford a few Bentleys.

Bentley only made six of the Dominator which were subsequently all bought by the Sultan of course.

All were built in the exact same specification but were in different colours, one of which in yellow, which is rather brave.

As this was Bentley’s first SUV, they didn’t have the correct development strategies to make one themselves so they reportedly borrowed a lot of hardware from Range Rover who were making leading SUVs back then.

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We don’t actually know that much about the Dominator as it has been kept rather secret but all we do know is that it’s very expensive and likely to be very luxurious.

It is assumed that the Bentley Dominator cost the Sultan £3,000,000 per car… Now, I don’t know about you but that seems like a lot of money for an SUV, especially if you’re going to buy six of them.

Would you rather have a Dominator or a Bentayga?