The 300mph+ Bugatti Chiron SuperSport is here

6w ago


The whole internet has been taken by storm by the 304mph top-speed run by a modified Chiron last week. Now Bugatti has unveiled a production version of that car – called the Bugatti Chiron SuperSports 300+, and yes – it is a 300mph+ monster.

The SuperSport is pretty close to the record-breaking car. It has the same long-ranging gearbox, same aero-efficient streamliner bodywork and the same 8.0-litre, quad-turbo W16 unit that delivers 1,578bhp to propel you to the horizon at 300mph.

But when you have to go from A to B at 300mph, you will want a passenger with you. Bugatti has addressed that and given us a passenger seat instead of loads of laptops and heaps of equipment. Those leather seats will try their best to make you comfortable, even at 300mph.

Just like the standard Chiron, this has got an electronic speed limiter so that you don't become a total hooligan on the autobahns. the limit at which the speed limiter will be set will be highly influenced by the insurance companies and of course, tyre manufacturers. The roll-cage has been dumped and the ride height is 'Standard'.

We all agree that stripes make you go faster, and Bugatti's engineers clearly agree given that the Chiron SS has big fat orange ones.

If you want you can get a roll-cage and remove the limiter so that you can rule those autobahns. Bugatti will also give you access to the Ehra-Lessien test track to give you the chance to test out your personal top speed limiter.

Bugatti's only building 30 SuperSports, and one will set you back £4.2million.

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