The 4 Cylinder, Turbocharged 2.0L Audi R8 HillClimber

In order to reduce weight, some go further than others. Swapping a V10 engine for a 4 cylinder one, certainly is an extreme way to do it..

This is Keith Murray´s unique Audi R8, prepared by Dialynx Performance. Focusing its development in keeping the weight as low as possible, the most extreme modification is the use of a 2.0L Turbo engine which is sort of an hybrid between the TFSi 2.0 L ALT 20v aluminum block with a 16v ABF head from a Mk3 Golf. Using a Garret HTA turbo, it is capable of reaching 650Hp and over 550Nm at 2.1 bars of boost.

Ending up tipping the scales at 956Kg, this machine has seen continuous development in the last two years as it evolves into a full blown Hillclimb Racer. With more weight being lost in the near future and reliability achieving the desired levels, this is a Monster that ill only produce better results in the future. In the meanwhile it already posted very impressive results on Osnabruck Hillclimb.

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