The 45 concept is Hyundai's answer to the Honda E

1w ago


This has to be one of the most electrifying days for the automotive world. While the world has been digesting the Volkswagen ID.3, the Mercedes EQS is also here and so is this, the 45 Concept by Hyundai.

Isn't it a looker? Well it had to be Hyundai's best looking car as this car is Hyundai's answer to the rather beautiful Honda EV.

The 45 has drawn inspiration from the 1974 Pony Coupe Concept, and it is okay if you do not know the Pony but it was a very handsome car having seventies wedge penned by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the man behind the DMC DeLorean.

So from where does 45 come into the name. Well 45 refers to the 45 years of the Pony, but it also owes it to the 45-degree angles at its front and rear. This design idea is welcome in the flat soap bar world of Tesla and Nissan EVs.

But there are other cliches that you need to see when designing an EV. So have they been satisfied?

The answer is, Yes. The seats have been taken from a very luxurious lounge (not literally), the batteries are packed into the floor and most importantly, cameras have replaced mirrors.

There is also a readout on the door telling us about the remaining battery life. This is helpful for you and also the passengers, so that they know that you are an electric earthworm on the road looking for a charging point.

The details of the powertrain have not yet been revealed.

The quirky retro styling is something that will help the 45 in gathering a lot of pre-booking. The design of this car will be completely bespoke for the buyer as other Hyundai EVs will be designed differently.

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