The 5 coolest Skodas of all time

19w ago


Growing up, my first impression of Skoda was seeing the beige Skoda Estelle my elderly teacher owned in the school car park. It didn't leave the greatest impression on me but it was different. However, in recent times, Skoda have completely eradicated that initial impression by topping customer satisfaction reports and making some of the best value for money and reliable cars around.

One word that I never had attributed with Skoda was 'cool,' but if you take a look into their history, the recent emergence of their performance cars and their motorsport prowess then they have eradicated that reputation as well.

Here are my 5 coolest Skoda:

5) Skoda Fabia vRS

The 2003 Skoda Fabia vRS is a absolute hidden gem of a hot hatch. You can pick these up for peanuts now and you’ll be getting a car with addictive performance and superb fuel economy. The perfect combo! It has the 1.9 TDi engine that has been used to great success throughout the whole VW group.

4) Skoda 110 R Coupe

The Skoda 110 R Coupe is from an era where the majority of people wouldn't have been as aware of the brand, but it might be one of their best designs. A stylish coupe at the rear and a bit of a powerhouse brute at the front, the 110 R Coupe in its ultimate form came as a 250hp monster nicknamed 'Grenade.'

3) Skoda Octavia Rally

Do I really need to say anything about this car? Just look at it. It is a full rally set up with a massive metal mask on the front. If that wasn't enough, there is a big snorkel for when you get get a bit wet. This is the only image on the internet where it isn't completely caked in mud.

2) Skoda Kodiaq RS

As well as looking like a mean machine, the Skoda Kodiaq RS set the Nürburgring record for a 7-seater, a slightly pointless, but at the same time excellent record to hold. It was in the hands of the terrifyingly quick Sabine Schmitz and she did not hold back.

You can see the video below:

1) Skoda 1100 OHC

I bet you didn't see this coming. Well you may have done because of the main image, but did you honestly know about this utterly beautiful Skoda? Built in 1957 the 1100 OHC may only have a top speed of 190kph, but does that matter when it looks like this?

Do you own a Skoda? Let me know what your favourite model is in the comments below.