The 5 fastest estate cars on sale today

Who doesn't love an estate car?

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I don't know about anyone else but there's something seriously cool about a big beefy estate car with mountains of power on tap that any other body style just can't quite compete with so here's a short list of the most powerful estate cars on sale today.

5. Mercedes C63 S AMG - 503bhp & 4 seconds to 60

A fast estate car list has to include a Mercedes and of course the C63 is first to step up. Unfortunately those pesky emission laws have taken away the naturally aspirated 6.2 litre V8 engine but don't think for a second that the car has been compromised in the process as beneath the bonnet lives a bi-turbo V8 with just over 500bhp.

4. Audi RS6 Performance - 596bhp & 3.6 seconds to 60

Classed as the daddy of the estate cars, the RS6 Performance offers everything you could ever need in a car - it's spacious, fast, comfortable and most importantly features Audi's sophisticated Quattro system meaning the power is always available. The only downside to the RS6 is the weight which comes in at 1,950kg but with 600bhp at your disposable it has more than enough ooomph to take on most cars.

3. Mercedes E63 S AMG - 603bhp & 3.4 seconds to 60

We have another Mercedes and more specifically another AMG. The E63 is the bigger brother to the C63 which means, you guessed it, more power with an output of 600bhp from the same 4 litre V8. Although to see an AMG model with four wheel drive instead of rear wheel drive is still alien to me, it helps in aid of traction. Speaking of traction, how does 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds sound?

2. Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid - 670bhp & 3.4 seconds to 60

The original Porsche Panamera was a Marmite car with the general population leaning more to the negative side of things but despite this Porsche have managed to claw the opinion back with its latest and most powerful model - the Turbo S E-Hybrid. Boasting 670bhp from its twin-turbo V8 with the aid of electric hybrid power, the Turbo S sits at the top of the food chain and is arguably the best estate car on sale today.

1. Ferrari GTC4Lusso - 680bhp & 3.3 seconds to 60

The GTC4Lusso. Is it an estate car? Well, yeah, I think so. The definition of an estate car is that it requires a large boot with one single door for access meaning that is suitable for this list. One could argue that it falls more directly into the hatchback category but we could argue all day and night about this.

Clearly a massive step above the other cars here, the Lusso boasts the most power with 680bhp from a naturally aspirated V12 and the largest price tag with a starting price of £230,000 but that doesn't necessarily make it the best here.

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