The 50 most liked LaLD pics on Instagram for 2019

Time to celebrate what we accomplished on our world famous photo sharing platform

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One of my favorite annual traditions on Live and Let Diecast is tallying up the likes we received on our beloved Instagram page. We hit a few rough patches this year with the whole Kinja debacle and lost some traction with Insta's quirky algorithm, but we still gained 1,200 new followers to bring our total to over 19,600. I shared over 750 of your photos this past year, so without further ado, here are the most liked photos of 2019:

50. DizzyGTI's matching Magnus Walker 964 Porsches - 217 likes

49. Small Scale Sydney's Tomica Toyota Mark II - 217 Likes

48. My Johnny Lightning GMC Syclone - 217 likes

47. My Maisto Ford GT - 218 likes

46. Enginerrrrr's Gulf Livery Porsche 917 - 218 likes

45. R32 Rennsport's Fast and Furious VW Jetta - 219 likes

44. R32 Rennsport's Merc 190e quadruplets - 220 likes

43. Duke's RWB Porsche from Tarmac - 224 likes

42. Philip's Sunoco 911 RSR from GT Spirit - 226 likes

41. My chrome Shelby Collectibles GT40 - 226 likes

40. Nick's Ford Hot Rod Hauler from Greenlight - 227 likes

39. Dak's GT40, the star of Ford vs. Ferrari - 227 likes

38. Hot Rod Crazy's Crazy Hot Rods - 230 likes

37. Nick's Kenwood liveried Porsche 956 - 231 likes

36. 64wheels' TLV F40 - 232 likes

35. Fintail's Fiat 131 Abarth - 233 likes

34. Diecast Junkie's TLV F40 - 233 likes

33. Nick's 1/43 scale GT40 - 236 likes

32. My 2002 arrived the same day as my Blipshift shirt - 236 likes

31. Gemballa Avalanche from BaseballBikeSki - 237 likes

30. Duke's Porsche and Aston parked out from of Kowalski's Garage - 240 likes

29. Diorama master Dadurling's Alpine A110 - 242 likes

28. Nirmala's Maisto 240Z - 242 likes

27. The backside of a RWB Porsche shot by Howard - 244 likes

26. Omesh's 300SL on the coast - 246 likes

25. North of Noodles' wall is an Alpine A110 - 247 likes

24. Sixstarlegacy was one of the first to find a Model 3 - 249 likes

23. Craig's BMW M6 and R8 - 252 likes

22. My Fast and Furious Silvia S15 - 253 likes

21. Philip's 911 RSR from Spark - 255 likes

20. 64wheels' Apple livery RWB - 259 likes

19. Trekkster T's vintage VW Bus - 261 likes

*This pic was shared within the past week and could get even more likes than this!

*This pic was shared within the past week and could get even more likes than this!

18. Meister of None's Toronto bus - 268 likes

17. Nick's 1/43 GT40 - 269

16. More of the TLV F40 shot by 64wheels - 270 likes

15. Another GT40 from Nick, this time at 1/18 scale - 271 likes

14. Dadurling's hillclimbing Alfa - 271 likes

13. Nick's hauler part 1... - 272 likes

12. And Nick's hauler part 2 - 274 likes

11. Plasticprints' 1/18 Kenmeri grail piece - 275 likes

10. R32 Rennsport's custom Hot Wheels Porsche 959 - 281 likes

*Even though this was just shared 5 days ago, this pic has already cracked the top ten most liked photos for the year! I've retaken the screenshot 3 times, it keeps getting more and more likes...

*Even though this was just shared 5 days ago, this pic has already cracked the top ten most liked photos for the year! I've retaken the screenshot 3 times, it keeps getting more and more likes...

9. My Norev BMW M1 Hommage - 282 likes

8. Radtastic Syclone by Photodynamicist - 292 likes

7. Philip's 911 interior and engine detail - 297 likes

6. AlienProbes beautifully made-over Majorette Jeep - 308 likes

5. Plasticprints' TLV Isuzu - 318 likes

4. Nick's DTM beauty - 322 likes

3. Philip's Outlaw duo - 333 likes

I did get to meet Rod, by the way!

I did get to meet Rod, by the way!

2. Enginerrrrrr's Gulf 971 shot on 917 blueprints - 338 likes

1. 2019's Instagram Champion: Hy90_diecast's Subaru STi WRC - 377 likes

A big congratulations to Howard for being crowned this year's Instagram champion! If I remember correctly, that Subaru was actually a mainline release.

Honorable Mentions...

We also have two honorable mentions this year. The DriveTribe social media team opened up a channel on Slack, our behind the scenes communication tool, earlier this month to submit photos for their own Instagram page. I've been submitting like crazy, but only two have been selected so far. After all, our pics are competing with professional photographers and you know, real cars. Regardless, both Nick's GT40 and R32 Rennsport's Outlaw photos broke Instagram and netted more likes than said "real cars", so huge kudos to you both!

Here's to 2020!


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Comments (25)

  • This was amazing to see! LaLD is still the best diecast community out there.

      8 months ago
  • It was a good year despite the Kinjaning!

      8 months ago
    • Well DT isn’t too bad at least. Diecast has made it’s home here quite nicely

        8 months ago
    • Agreed. There are a lot of nice features over here and we never have to worry about the servers crapping out when we post!

        8 months ago
  • These are some incredibly deserving photos. This is what LaLD is about!

    I also had no idea my pics were fetching 120-200 likes! Pretty encouraging to me

      8 months ago
  • What an year it was. Kudos to the hardworking crew!

      8 months ago
  • I never get on these insta lists. 25 is an honor. I'd like to thank my mom and dad for making this possible. My wife for putting up with my crap. And LaLD for letting me into the bunch. You all are awesome. Thanks for making this so much fun. I'd also like to thank the children/adults of the world for liking little cars.

      8 months ago
    • *music starts playing 3/4 of the way through Noodles’ speech*

        8 months ago