The 520HP/9.000RPM Zytek V8 powered Ferrari F355 Challenge

    One of the best Sounding Monsters of HillClimb Racing ever

    This is René Ruch´s Monster a very special Ferrari F355 Challenge, specially modified through the years to compete on Hillclimb Racing. No longer using the stock Ferrari engine, it uses a Zytek V8 Nturally Aspirated unit that was de-stroked from 4.5 Liters to 4.0L, in order to comply with Swiss Hillclimb Rules and produces 520Hp/9.000Rpm and 525Nm of Torque.

    It has also been lightened to a very low 975Kg, which makes this mid-engined Italian beauty a proper weapon. On Eschord Hillclimb earlier this year it was capable of placing within the Top 10 Touring Cars in an event that had a exceptionally good entry list.


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