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T​he 550 Spyder that helped establish Porsche in the US is up for grabs

H​ow would you like to own one of America's first Porsches?

4w ago

Porsche cars have long dominated motorsport racing beginning with the 356SL in the 1950s and following soon thereafter with the track focused 550 Spyder which was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. The 550 is a purpose built race car so only a few dozen were built each year, making it quite a rare car. One 1956 example of the 550 played a major role in introducing the U.S. market to Porsche. More than 60 years since that 550 (chassis number 550-0089) last raced, it is up for sale on German auction site Schaltkulisee. Chassis number 550-0089 was purchased new by John von Neumann, the then owner of Competition Motors, a Californian Porsche dealership with an experinced racing team.

T​his 550 Spyder possesses numerous racing-focused modifications, like a larger rear grille, custom Wendler bodywork, dual air scoops on the food and fenders. Competition Motors' 550 would be used limitlessly to show the performance capabilities of Porsche's early racers. So much so, to the point that it starred in over a dozen racing events in the 50's.

N​ow utilizing a 356 Carrera engine, paired with the 550 Spyder's original gearbox, this famous car was largely responsible for getting US car culture familiarized with the Stuttgart brand. While the price wasn't mentioned, it is available upon request. My guess is that it will easily surpass a few million dollars.

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Comments (14)

  • That is pretty special.

      29 days ago
  • Oh my gosh! I saw one the other day pull in at a gas station and wondered what kind of Porsche it was! It was a 550 Spyder! Are they really a million dollars? Did I just see a million dollar car?!

      27 days ago
    • First: awesome find. Second: it could be a replica. However if it is that’s one of the best replicas I’ve seen in ages.

        27 days ago
  • Yes please.

      29 days ago
  • That thing looks beautiful

      30 days ago
  • Dang I just saw one! On Sunday!

      27 days ago