The 600Hp/710Kg McF1 Evo - McLaren F1 Body & Mitsubishi Turbo Heart

Marek Rybnicek taming this unruly and quite unique Monster

The target of tremendous interest from all the HillClimb Racing community during all of last Season, it was the new Monster driven by Marek Rybnicek, a McLaren F1 GT powered by a 600Hp/9.500Rpm de-stroked 1.7L 4G63 Turbocharged Engine. One of its strongest showing during an year where it suffered from some teething problems, but always showing incredible pace, was at Ecce Homo/Sternberk, as shown here.

So right now everyone should totally confused about this strange creation. So let´s clarify a few things. The only thing McLaren F1 about it is the outer shell. It is such a different machine from the original in fact, that even the official nomenclature for it is McF1 Evo, due to trademark issues. Said shell is built by DDR Motorsport from Florida ( the company calls this kind of shell Grullon GT) while the creation/construction of the whole car was performed by KOMVET Racing, who both maintains and owns this very unit. The chassis beneath comes from a Norma M20FC prototype, bringing with it the 1.7L 4G63 Mitsubishi Engine producing around 600Hp/9.500Rpm.

It uses a Sadev SLR82, 6 Speed Sequential racing transaxle Gearbox with paddle shift to transmit the power to the Rear Wheels. As is the case with the actual McLaren F1 curiously, it features central driving position and all this combined with the total weight of 710Kg we end up with a tremendous Monster that will certainly threaten various records as it continues its evolution..

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