- My Configuration of the 600LT. Kinda want to have that as a common theme.

The 600LT. A honest review.

So this got revealed a few weeks ago. I dont know when. But here i am to talk about it.

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The 600LT is the new Mclaren. So what about it. Well for starters its the third LT model. The 675 is neat. So this one should be nice.

The Specs.

So unlike the 675 this has 600 horsepower. And im glad. They are sticking to the under 700 horsepower club. The thing that pisses me off is that supercars always have over 700 horses. i might be young but i like a bit of sensibility in cars. The acceleration is the as the 675 same but i dont know if it is an AWD or RWD. So despite its "lack" of power compared to the 675. It still packs quite the punch.

All three of em.

All three of em.


It looks a lot like a 500 series McLaren. Its longer just like the name implies. And it has 918 like exhaust tips. Its got a meaner look to it. Which is good.

The Cons.

So every car has its pros and cons. Lets start with the cons. Its isnt that exciting because in basis it is pretty much a 500 series with performance mods. Thats it.

See?. Looks similar.

See?. Looks similar.

The Pros.

Its an excellent car. It looks great. It probably is great. Its quite powerful and not overdone. the configuration options are excellent. Its rather nice.


Overall its a really nice car. doesnt really have much wrong. Sure its kinda boring. But its proper nice. Its a nice mid range supercar.

End card.

Oh boyy. Another article. I will post more acticles but its. I will do em less frequently than carspots. Writing time is quite lengthy tho. Well this is goodbye for now. CYA!

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  • Nice, quick, concise review. Straight to the point. Thanks for sharing it with my tribe :)

      2 years ago