The 7 best saloons you can buy right now

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Although SUVs have become the shape of choice for most new car buyers recently, family saloons are still a practical and good-looking choice of car. They're large, safe, well-equipped and still have enough engineering left over to make them genuinely fun to drive.

In the UK, we used to worship the Ford Mondeo as the affordable saloon king, but over time the popularity of German saloon cars has exploded to a point where they're now fully dominating the sector.

Can the Brits, Italians and Swedes make a comeback in the near future? Take a squint over our list and tell us which of these cars would be your saloon of choice.

BMW 3 Series

It took over from the Ford Mondeo in the mid-2000s as the standard saloon of choice and it hasn't really let go of that title ever since. Of course, the fire-breathing M3 has always been a stand-out model from the range but the standard 3 Series still shares the fundamental greatness of the performance legend.

With countless engine, trim and tech options, the 3 Series will probably rule the roost for a few years to come, until one of the other cars on this list decides to step up its game.

Audi A4

If you want tech, the Audi A4 is in a class of its own. Especially if you spec it with Audi's 'Virtual Cockpit', the A4 will make you feel like you're driving a car from the next decade.

It may not be the prettiest saloon car and it won't be the most engaging to drive, but if build quality and gadgets are your thing, the A4 makes a damn good argument for itself.

Jaguar XE

It's a bit of an underdog against the likes of Audi and BMW, but the little Jag is one of the best driving cars on this list. Designed by the same man that penned the Aston Martin DB9, the XE is a real head-turner in a world full of fairly mundane motorway sloggers.

If you want to turn up to a business meeting or a wedding in something that has much more of a personality than a VW Passat, the baby Jag is a decent place to start.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

First of all, it's Italian. Second, it's very, very pretty. And does anything else really matter after that?

Alfa Romeo has made a serious comeback with this saloon car which forms a baseline for the company along with the Stelvio SUV. It may not have the fit and finish of its German rivals but the Giulia has to be one of the most exciting cars in the saloon sector, especially when it has model names like 'Veloce' and 'Quadrifoglio'.

Skoda Superb

Skoda has been a contender in multiple industry sectors for a good few years now, and who can argue when they're fairly priced, reliable and as well built as other VW products.

The latest Superb is a bit of a looker when compared to its Audi and VW brothers and sisters, and with a five-star safety rating, it might just be the perfect family saloon car on sale. And it's time that we all agreed that driving a Skoda is now officially cool.

Peugeot 508

A newbie to the saloon game, the Peugeot 508 brings back whiffs of the company's successful saloon car past thanks to a striking design and dynamics that put it on the map against the big boys.

It may struggle to get in the limelight against the Germans, but much like the Alfa and the Jag, it may pay to be just that little bit different for once.

Volvo S60

I wouldn't go as far as to say that the S60 is a pretty car but it does give off that 'handsome brute' vibe. As with all Volvos, you can expect a cracking safety record, incredible levels of comfort and plenty of room for activities inside.

It may thrive on motorways rather than your favourite twisting country lane but for 98% of your driving lifestyle, the Scandinavian should have you pretty much covered.

So which of you would go for the somewhat predictable Audi or BMW? And how many of you would throw caution to the wind with a purchase like the Alfa or the Peugeot? Tell us which chariot you'd pick in the comments below!

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  • Skoda Superb? SERIOUSLY? What about The Insignia? Makes the most beautiful erste also....

    5 months ago
  • Toss up between the alfa and volvo

    5 months ago


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