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The 7 Most Beautiful Porsches Ever Made

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There’s no doubt that Porsche is known for their stunning and timeless designs. This year it is 70 years since what is by many considered the first Porsche automobile - the 356 - rolled out of the factory for the very first time.

The German manufacturer have produced quite a few masterpieces since then, so to celebrate 7 decades of absolute magnificence, and because we like to look at pretty cars, we will take a look at 7 of the most beautiful Porsches ever made.

Porsche 718 RS 60 Spyder

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The 718 RS 60 is not only a gorgeous race car, but also a lightweight, efficient, and graceful one. This stunner turned a new page for Porsche, when it delivered a one-two victory at the 1960 12 Hours of Sebring, as well as a win at the Targa Florio.

1967 Porsche 911 S Coupe

PHOTO: RM Sotheby's

Any early 911 is just a delight to look at, but the ’67 911S Coupe might be the most beautiful of them all. The gorgeous covered headlights, long bonnet, split rear bumper, and short wheelbase makes it look so elegant. It’s just gorgeous.

Porsche Carrera GT

PHOTO: Porsche

The overall looks of the Carrera GT is relatively simple, but also rather smart. The smooth front, and the beautiful details makes this car a head-turner. Compared to other supercars, it almost a bit minimalistic - but that’s what makes it so utterly beautiful.

Porsche 550 Spyder

PHOTO: Porsche

The Porsche 550 Spyder is one of the most desirable sports cars ever built. With the raised headlights and leaning bonnet, the car reflects Porsche’s magnificent design history. It’s an interesting car to look at, and a beautiful one at that.

Porsche 917K

PHOTO: Porsche

The 917K may be one of the most famous prototype racing cars ever built. Its impressively sleek design, with exciting curves, makes it one of the best looking ones as well.

Porsche 911 GT1 Straßenversion

PHOTO: RM Sotheby's

The road-legal 911 GT1 is definitely a stunner. Being a road car with all the brilliant features based of a successful race car, and with headlights resembling the 996-generation 911, a kicky spoiler and a stunning profile - it’s just a beautiful car.

Porsche 918 Spyder

PHOTO: Porsche

Following up the Carrera GT would be no easy job, but Porsche nailed it with the 918 Spyder. As far as supercars goes it is rather modest in terms of looks - but it’s the simplicity of it, with the fine details, that makes it so desperately pretty.

Because this is a matter of personal taste, and because it's difficult to only pick 7 cars - I would love to know what you think.

What is the most beautiful Porsche ever made? Comment down below!

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