- 718 Cayman T, 718 Boxster T, 2018 (Porsche AG)

The 718 Boxster and Cayman receive the Touring or 'T' makeover

22w ago


The new 718 T has been released by Porsche. It comes it the two body shapes, the Cayman or the Boxster. The T designation stands for Touring, which Porsche uses for vehicles with “dynamic driving performance”.

The 911 Carrera T introduced in 2017 was reminiscent of Porsches original 911 T from 1968. Porsche has decided that we need more than the Carrera T and transferred their formula to the mid engined 718.

Porsche 718 Cayman T (Porsche AG)

In the 718 T the performance has been tweaked the suspension has been lowered and weight as been stripped. No infotainment as per the 911 Carrera T, although you can opt in to fill the empty void at no extra cost.

Porsche 718 T Interior Porsche AG

The T driving experience is heightened by a shortened gearshift for quick changes, dynamic gearbox mounts alongside the active drivetrain mounts. The dynamic and active mounts Porsche says will increase precision and stability. The inside feels more ‘GT” with the fabric door pulls to save weight plus the 360mm GT steering wheel.

Six speed manual - 718 Boxster T ( Porsche AG

The exterior is updated with 20 inch titanium grey alloy wheels, grey side mirrors, T logos, and a twin-tailpipe central sports exhaust.

Porsche 718 Boxster T ( Porsche AG)

The underlying question is should there be both. That’s is a 911 Carrera T and a 718 T. The success of the 911 Carrera T has no doubt influenced Porsche’s decision to launch the 718 T. Will the 718 T become as collectible and sought after as the 991.2 Carrera T, in the long term I would think not. In the short term, Porsche have another marketing winner on their hands. What do you think? Is the 718 T worthy of the historic 'T' nomenclature?

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