The 740bhp Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is revealed

A new ZR1 ‘Vette’ is here and its packing more power and fury than ever before

3y ago

This is the new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, and subtle is a not a word that springs to mind as its a complete beast of a car.

If you’ve seen the footage of the disguised test-mules, then you’ll know that the new ZR1 was carrying some heavy-duty aero trickery. The car was scheduled to break cover at the L.A. Auto Show. But thanks to a leaked copy of Car and Driver’s December issue and the magic of the internet, we get to see it early.

Thanks to this leak, the ZR1 will now be seen for the first time in the metal in Dubai this coming Saturday in all its furiously massive winged carbon infused glory.

Hidden away under that huge bonnet bulge is an ‘LT5’ 6.2-litre supercharged V8 motor. It produces a humongous 740bhp and 680lb-ft of torque, 100bhp and 30lb-ft up on the previous Z06 model thanks to an array of upgrades to the motor including a larger supercharger, strengthened crankshaft and a new fuel injection system. Gearbox choices are either a seven-speed manual (yes please) or an eight-speed automatic.

These huge numbers translate into a very small 0-62mph time of sub-three seconds. Top speed is a time travelling 210mph giving the ZR1 McLaren 720 speed for a lot less money.

All of the power gains and aero trickery come together to give the ZR1 a 2.5 second a lap advantage over the Z06 at the formidable Virginia International Raceway circuit. For anyone in the know, this is a massive gain when you consider that the ZR1 gains 60kg of weight over the previous model.

The ZR1 even comes with a choice of aero packages, because why not. Featured on the cover car is the ‘ZTK’ kit which generates some 226kg of downforce at an unconfirmed speed. This works with the adjustable rear wing to push the ZR1 into the ground at high speed. To help you lose all of this speed, GM has thankfully fitted ceramic brakes as standard.

One of the best details about the new ZR1 though? It spits flames from its exhaust as standard, which makes all of us here at DT towers very happy.

The Corvette ZR1 Reveal

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  • This definitely makes the list of “Most American Cars Ever” 740hp, flamethrower exhaust stock, and to top the cake, it’s illegal in Europe.

      3 years ago
  • That does look quite good.

      3 years ago
  • Awesome car. I hope it puts the power down.

      3 years ago