The 750Hp Mitsubishi Mirage Monster with Lancer Evolution Drivetrain

Stefan Wiedenhofer´s Monster in all its bewinged, Turbocharged Glory

Stefan Wiedenhofer continues evolving his Gabat tuned, stroked 2.2L 4G63 powered, AWD Mitsubishi Mirage R5 (originally built by Dytko Sport from Poland). With an Aerodynamic package more aggressive than ever it is regularly a contender for Overall Victories on any Austrian Hillclimb Championship Round and the beginning of the 2019 Season is no different.

With around 750Hp, weighing only 1050Kg and scoring multiple podiums and always fighting for Top Places on All events it entered, it was also one of the machines that our followers showed more interest in every single Top 10 Video we posted. For that, it is easy to explain why we have now this Single feature of this Monster that is certainly quite the unique machine.

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