The 800Hp Lotus Exige powered by a Honda J35 Turbocharged Engine

Coming from South Africa and displaying terrifying pace

Charl Joubert placed 2nd Overall on Knysna Speed FestivalĀ“s Hillclimb event with his mighty Lotus Exige, powered by a Honda J35 V6 engine unit, Turbocharged and capable of reaching upwards of 800Hp distributed to the Rear Wheels.

Weighing around 900Kg and sporting a very widened bodykit to accomodate tires capable of handling all this power, it was still quite a lairy machine and one capable on winning the event outright. In the end, only 2 tenths prevented that but there is always next year, and this Monster still has quite a long way to go...

And by the way, this is not the only Honda powered Lotus Exige making History on Knysna Speed Festival. Still within the Joubert family, thereĀ“s this K24 Turbo Monster:

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