The 800Hp Lotus Exige powered by a Honda J35 Turbocharged Engine

Coming from South Africa and displaying terrifying pace

Charl Joubert placed 2nd Overall on Knysna Speed Festival´s Hillclimb event with his mighty Lotus Exige, powered by a Honda J35 V6 engine unit, Turbocharged and capable of reaching upwards of 800Hp distributed to the Rear Wheels.

Weighing around 900Kg and sporting a very widened bodykit to accomodate tires capable of handling all this power, it was still quite a lairy machine and one capable on winning the event outright. In the end, only 2 tenths prevented that but there is always next year, and this Monster still has quite a long way to go...

And by the way, this is not the only Honda powered Lotus Exige making History on Knysna Speed Festival. Still within the Joubert family, there´s this K24 Turbo Monster:

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