The 9 best F1 April Fools' Day pranks

2y ago


April 1st is the only day of the year when people stop believing that everything they read on the internet is true, until lunchtime at least.

Here are nine motorsport themed April Fools Day efforts, some of which really did take in some of the more gullible of people...

1. Hammer time to retire?

Lewis Hamilton got in on the game early on. Some of the responses show that he managed to send some of his more 'intense' fans into a blind panic, which can only have been a good thing...

Only kidding!

2. What would Ron think?

Predictably, as they are a bit of a joke at the moment, McLaren featured in many peoples pranks.

F1i.com went with an Alfa Romeo buyout of the team, with Sergio Marchionne ditching the McLaren name and rebranding the outfit 'Alfa Romeo Squadra Corse'. Catchy.

Alfa Romeo Squadra Corse?

3. A tasty looking livery

Another McLaren one was perhaps an early Easter inspiration, with a Cadbury chocolate liveried MCL32. Oddly enough, that looks a lot better than the livery they actually have... (See here for the full article: badgergp.com/mclaren-honda-switch-to-purple-livery-after-cadbury-sponsorship-deal/ )

No jokes about the Honda engine being as useless as a chocolate exhaust...

4. The first ever F1 hatchback

Renault F1 announced the launch of a road going version of their RS17. Not quite as funny as the one when they said Carmen Jorda was going to help develop their F1 car...

A nice little runabout for Jolyon

What if we actually want to buy one?

5. Reverse grids!

Suggest anything that involves the changing of the F1 race format, particularly by those dastardly American types, really does reel them in, as some of the responses received for this one by a certain @GrandPrixDiary showed...

"Not authorised for issue"

6. Wheely good idea

For April Fools Day 2014, Red Bull produced a steering wheel which would enable drivers to tweet during races. This year, Formula E came up with their own emoji variation on the theme.


7. Push the funny Button

Wondering what Jenson Button has been doing since retiring? Well, here he is, promoting unicycle hire for Santander...

That unicycle is probably quicker than the McLaren-Honda...

8. Well knock me down with a feather

McLaren Automotive introduce a feathered 570GT, with a video saying they 'didn't want to crow about their achievements'. Maybe the race team might want to check out this innovation - it can only help.

Well they already have wings - why not feathers?

9. Left-handed tarmac

However, Silverstone well and truly win the day, with a video starring Jolyon Palmer, David Coulthard, Rob Smedley and Jason Plato, revealing that the British Grand Prix will be run anti-clockwise, with the track being resurfaced with 'left handed tarmac'. Epic work!

Try not to smile, Jolyon...

And here's the video: