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The 9 most reliable convertibles, coupes and sports cars

If you are not buying a car mainly as a necessary tool but for having fun with it, you may choose a sports car, convertible or a nice coupe.

In this case, fun would be rather restricted, if your new car would tend to break down or at least would offer you annoying error messages every other day.

Like every year, consumer magazine WhatCar? has again spared no effort to find out, what car you can rely on and will bring you joy rather than oily hands. For 2018, the survey for the reliability of one to four year old sports cars, convertibles and coupes revealed a winner that stands in contrast to the result of who are the most reliable car makers over all, which are clearly the Japanese.

1st: BMW 2 Series

Regarding cars with fun-factor, BMW saves the reputation of German car manufacturers with the 2 Series coupe/cabrio. With stunning 97.0 %, it leads the reliability list and also shines with the most impressive performance figures in its category. In the rare case of failure, all owners had their issues fixed for free.

2nd: Mazda MX-5

If you prefer a Japanese cars anyway, the Mazda MX-5 is for you. A score of 95.2 % assures that a break down is more than unlikely. If at all, a battery problem could delay your joy for about a day. On top of that, WhatCar? made the Mazda MX-5 car of the year for best convertible 2018.

Last: Mercedes-Benz C-Class

At the bottom of this top 9 list sits Mercedes-Benz with its C-Class coupe and cabriolet. Of course there are cars far more unreliable than the C-Class coupe, but a score of 89.1 % is nothing Mercedes can be proud of. The interior trim tends to fail and even worse, the engine and engine electrics could show malfunctions. The good thing is though, all reported problems kept the car driveable and were fixed for free.

The 9 most reliable convertibles, coupes and sports cars

1. BMW 2 Series - 97.0 %

2. Mazda MX-5 - 95.2 %

3. Porsche 911 - 94.5 %

4. BMW M4 - 94.1 %

5. BMW 4 Series - 93.5 %

6. Ford Mustang - 91.6 %

7. Porsche Cayman - 91.0 %

8. Audi TT coupe - 90.4 %

9. Mercedes-Benz C-Class - 89.1 %

A bit surprising, isn't it?

What would you pick?