The 911 Terminator.

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Meet the Porsche that had the difficult mission to kill the 911. The 928 miserably failed and never achieved its destiny. Did it ever stand a chance?

Most Porsche'ists hate the 928. But for others, this car represents the 80's at their finests. By the end of the 70's the iconic 911 was starting to get a little bit bygone. At least, that's what the executives at Porsche thought. The concept of the 911 was based on 20 year old idea, and the Porsche believed that a car such as the 928 could attract more customers than the quirky and compact 911. The 928 is a luxury grand tourer and while the conception was totally different from what Porsche did at the time, the car was kind of a game changer in the industry. You might think that the 911 was a revolution but the black sheep 928 also played a huge part in Porsche's future.

You see, the 928 was the first truly user-friendly Porsche. The 911 was a true sports car and, back then, most people didn't really drive them on a daily basis. The 928 was supposed to change all of that. It is a luxury grand tourer that is comfortable yet sporty. A car that its first intention was to cross countries at high speeds in all the comfort a GT could offer.

So what are we dealing with here? This car is a 928 S4 from 1989. It's finished in a beautiful Taubenblau colour with Gullideckel wheels. It is equipped with a 320PS 5.0 litre V8, an automatic gearbox and a rear-wheel drive system. The 928 was also offered with a manual. Obviously, this is quite a rare sight so expect high prices for those.

the black sheep 928 also played a huge part in Porsche's future.

Jonathan Yarden

Today, it seems that the 928's prices have risen. They've became classics so people start to like them again. Most Porsche'ists disliked the 928 because they were so different from a 911. But the 928's were extremely good cars. They were very stable at high speeds, had plenty of boot space and legroom, and also had the most comfortable seats ever seen in a Porsche. Just for these reasons, you know that it mostly appealed to the American market. But even with that, the car never was a real success. Still, Porsche produced the 928 for 18 years. The 70's and 80's were kind of a dark period for Porsche. Cars like the 924, 944 or 968 appeared and never had the recognition they deserved. The 911 stole the show and purists stuck to them. The 928 got discontinued in 1995 and Porsche never attempted a luxury grand tourer comeback. Today, the closest thing to it, in terms of philosophy and driving, could be the Panamera. Some people still expect the brand from Zuffenhausen to produce a luxury GT based on the 4-door coupe. But these are simple speculations and it might never happen.

So what do we think about this car? I've never been a huge fan of the 928. But as years passed by, I've really started to appreciate it. The design is kind of futuristic and I love these strange side windows on the C-Pillar. The 928 also comes with some of the weirdest pop-up headlights. The round-shaped headlights lay down on the hood and are perfectly streamlined to the panel. Whenever you need your lights on, they simply go up vertically and do the job. It makes the car look a bit like a frog but, come on, who doesn't love pop-up headlights? The inside of the car is also very spacious and luminous. Thanks to the overuse of windows there are absolutely no blindspots, which is kind of a good thing since this car is quite gigantic.

Our first experience in a 928 has been better than we would have thought. It's a real Porsche that has a sporty character even though the 928 feels way heavier. The philosophy behind both vehicles is so different that I don't see how the 928 could have ever replaced the 911. It just doesn't make any sense. Having both models standing right next to eachother in the range makes more sense. But in the end, the decision to keep the 911 was made because customers kept on buying them. So, in a way, the 911 became a legend thanks to its buyers and not the brand's executives. Lesson of the day: Customers are always right!

Porsche 928 S4

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Perego Cars, situated in Switzerland, for giving me the opportunity to review and shoot this car that is currently on sale. Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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  • I seriously love these cars. Fantastically bold and pure looks with a v8 as standard! What’s not to like ! Plus bargains these days (apart from extremely low milage unused examples) ..... I’ve got an S4 and a GTS and I LOVE the fact they aren’t 911s (I also like 911s by the way). I like the fact they aren‘t loved by everyone too. I went to the ace cafe in london for Porsche night recently and pretty much every car there was a 911, apart from one other 928 and 2 944s. To me the trans axels are more interesting, and i had a great time meeting the other owners who had lots of character. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate 911s.... but everyone’s got one 😉 nice to be different

    3 months ago
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  • Always loved the 928! But the 911 still is the big dog!

    3 months ago
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