The 9.500RPM Ferrari 360 Modena N-GT and its F1-like incredible Sound

Not much needs to be written about this one. Driver is Franco Putelli, who made part of Isolani Racing Team, which has raced some very cool Ferraris in Italian Hillclimbing through the years. One of those was this F360 N-GT, with its Flat-plane V8 capable of almost 500Hp/9.500Rpm. Very capable car on its own and posted some very interesting results. But that is not why it will be remembered.

The defining aspect of this machine is the outrageous screaming sound it produces at full chat. Reminiscent of a bygone era of Formula 1 and in a way also of a machine that we are currently seeing die: the High-Revving naturally aspirated Supercar. So it you are the type of petrolhead who enjoys mechanical sound in all its glory, be it reverberating through the mountains or each time you pass a tunnel, this is our present to you.. Enjoy

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