The 9.800Rpm Screaming VW Golf Mk1 of Egidio Pisano

Onboard one of the most exquisite, most decorated Monsters in European HillClimb Racing

Egidio Pisano drives one of the most spectacular units of the Classic Golf Mk1. Tuned by Minichberger, it is nowadays powered by a dry sumped 2.0L Naturally Aspirated powerplant built from a VW Touring Car Block and Suzuki Hayabusa Engine Head, capable of 307Hp/9.800Rpm, to move the lightweight hatchback, tipping the scales at 700Kg.

It is one of the most decorated Hillclimb machines in Europe with a very long career and still to this day a tremendous machine, among the fastest FWD Monsters in the Sport. Here it can be seen in all its glory both inside and outside on Verzegnis-Sella Chianzutan 2019. And you can watch how far a simple, classic car like the Golf Mk1 can be developed on Hillclimb Racing featuring high end solutions like the most modern KW 3 Suspension system or a paddle-operated Sadev 6 speed Sequential Gearbox with Auto-Blip incorporated in order to automatically rev-match when downshifting (keep an eye on the throtle pedal when Mr. Piano dowshifts in the onboard portion of the video).

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