- The 992 can listen to the road (image Porsche AG)

The 992 Porsche 911 can hear the wet road

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The new Porsche 911 or the type 992 is the eighth generation of the iconic sportscar and will arrive in owners’ hands close to mid 2019.

The new 911 (Image Porsche AG)

The new 911 is full of technology, but a one of the key and highly advanced systems is Porsches new Wet Mode assistant system.

In essence, the 992 can listens to the road it is driving on. This will help you to enjoy your 911 while staying safe, even in the wet. The new highly advanced ‘Wet Mode’ works through two small microphones fitted close to the front wheels of Porsche’s new 911. The 911 can now hear the road it is driving on sensing whether it is wet or dry.

Image Porsche AG

The microphones mounted inside the wheel wells will receive a signal which is then analysed by the car’s software. Basically, the cars artificial intelligence can spot the signature sound of wetness. When the wet road is detected the 911 will prompts the driver to select Wet Mode.

Wet Mode (Image Porsche AG)

The assistant system developed by Porsche is more reliable than rain sensor systems as a road can still be wet even though the rain has stop. Of course, with Porsche it is about the driver has the choice if they want to activate the ‘Wet Mode’.

The new 911 Carrera 4S (Image Porsche AG)

‘Wet Mode’ and other systems including blind-spot and lane keeping aids, glare-killing intelligent LED headlights and infra-red night vision make the 911 fast, fun and safe.

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