The Abarth from hell: 400bhp Ares by Pogea Racing

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      - Like small cars with ridiculously powerful engines? Then you'll love the new Ares, a heavily modified Abarth 500 built by Pogea Racing.
      - The Ares is claimed to be capable of 0-62mph in 4.7sec, meaning it'll just about out-sprint a new Ford Mustang. The current entry-level Abarth, the 595, takes 7.1sec.
      - Pogea Racing says its Ares will hit an outrageous 179mph. Bet that'd get pulses racing.
      - So, you're probably expecting that this pocket rocket has been upgraded with a 2.0-litre engine or similar...
      - ... but no, the 1.4-litre T-Jet engine remains! As you can probably tell from a glance, however, it's far from stock.
      - Pogea Racing has fitted forged pistons, aftermarket con rods, ported the head and fitted a bigger turbocharger.
      - The engine gets a host of supporting upgrades, too, including new plugs and ignition coils, a modified air intake, a large charge cooler and an uprated fuel system.
      - The net result is a ballistic 399bhp at 6400rpm and 328lb ft at 3350rpm.
      - Helping get the power to the ground is a twin-plate clutch, a single-mass flywheel, an upgraded transmission and a limited-slip differential. Pogea's even fitted a transmission cooler, to keep everything in check.
      - This isn't just a straight-line wonder, however. The Ares gets front and rear strut braces, KW Clubsport suspension, six-piston front calipers and 322mm two-piece floating disc brakes.
      - The wheels are Pogea's own. They're 8x18s and shod with Michelin Pilot Sport tyres. A set of wheel spacers, 20mm up front and 30mm in the back, help give the Ares a wider track and more aggressive stance.
      - A lot has changed on the cosmetic front, too – including the fitment of a flashy fuel flap.
      - Pogea's done more than just sling some Halfords stick-on bits at the car, however. The Ares gets a bodykit which consists of a carbonfibre bonnet, bumpers, mirror caps, arch extensions and roof spoiler.
      - The paint is 'Reventon Grey', from Lamborghini. The Ares' kerb weight, if you're curious, is 1052kg with driver and fuel. So, it's got around 380bhp per tonne. Lively.
      - There's a flap in the exhaust system to make it noisier on demand – so everyone can hear you coming, just before you flash past.
      - A plastic version of the bodykit is available, but in either instance it fits all Abarths made from 2008 and on.
      - Poega's equipped the Ares with its own Sportster CS seats.
      - Many of the interior's plastic trim panels have been trimmed in leather or Alcantara, resulting in a much more upmarket-feeling cabin.
      - Other upgrades include a Pioneer headunit with Apple CarPlay, two subwoofers, the instrument cluster from a 2017 Abarth, Bluetooth connectivity and a rear-view camera.
      - Only five Ares will be built. Yes, we really want one. Or at least a go in one...
      - Company founder Eduard Pogea said: "Without the support of Michelin, Glasurit, and in particular the Italian Abarth engineer Enrico Scaravelli from SCARA73, the ARES would not have been realised."
      - Pogea Racing is a German tuning company that also has offices in the US, Japan and Taiwan.
      - It's put one Ares through a 7500-mile endurance test to ensure that it doesn't disintegrate the first time you drive it in anger.
      - You get a one-year warranty on the engine and drivetrain, too, which should quell the concerns of most buyers.
      - It's predictably not cheap, though. Pogea will charge £54k for a turn-key car – but at least you'll have a hell of a lot of fun. A basic version is available for £51k, though, or you can have the upgraded engine fitted to your Abarth for £18k.

      German tuner Pogea Racing has managed to wring 285bhp per litre out of Abarth's hot hatch. Brace yourself!

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      Comments (21)

      • Too many people who drive audis who miss the point ... it's not meant to be good per se, it's mean to be fun and an arsehole of a thing all in one. Where do i place my order?

          3 years ago
      • That's insane

          3 years ago
      • Seating position still sucks complete ass. I want to love it. Every time I sit in it, I hate it.

          3 years ago
      • It's absolutely gorgeous. But 400 HP to the front wheels?

          3 years ago
        • Ford Focus RS 500 has 370bhp and it seems to work brilliantly.

            3 years ago
        • Yeah well the focus rs does weigh twice as much as the abarth. And the abarth still makes more power.

            3 years ago
      • Want want want the blue one.....

          3 years ago


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