The Accident.

Your wheels screech against the asphalt as you turn the steering wheel desperate to avoid the crash but it is completely useless, you were too late.

you begin to notice as if the world was trying to crush you while your car hits the other, the sound of a dry blow breaks the silence while your head hits the airbag and the cristals fly across the air while the earthquake of the impact shakes your body..

You don`t notice anything else except your consciousness disappearing as you return to your sitting position in the seat, you begin to bleed through your nose while you feel as if something fills you inside and you cough a couple of times, you only see the smoke of the overheated engine while you smell the burnt plastic and gasoline next to the oil that is spilling on the asphalt, the pain assaults you but that does not matter much ...

maybe your hour arrived after all.

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