The Alfa Romeo 4C has been axed

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The Alfa Romeo 4C, a car loved equally by Alfa Romeo purists and those new to the brand for its stunning looks, amazing handling capabilities and brilliant performance on both road and track since its release in 2013, has been cleared from the model lineup by the Italian firm-barely a week after Alfa shelved their plans for a potential successor to the GTV Coupé and plans for an 8C, which would have materialised at some point next year for the first time. While Alfa Romeo at first were unavailable for comment, the car magazine Motor1 managed to report later on that the model had indeed reached the end of its illustrious life. However, by that point the writing was on the wall for most petrolheads, as the evidence of the 4C's demise was clear and overwhelming- the model had been swiftly removed from Alfa's online configurator, and was missing from Alfa's quarterly financial reports, published last week, when the news first broke initially.

While the 4C was a strong seller when it emerged at first, in recent times its sales figures have been steadily dwindling, along with the company's faith in the car. Alfa only managed to sell around 420 4Cs in Europe last year (the same year the model was pulled from the US market for similar reasons). When putting that into context, similar sports car manufacturers such as Porsche, Mercedes and Audi all managed to push just south of 10,000 motors sold, with Alfa's two biggest Teutonic rivals, Audi and Porsche having a combined sales total of almost 20,000 in particular. Another reason to get rid of the model was from the recent and much-publicised FCA and PSA merger which occurred recently, when Alfa Romeo's parent company FCA was absorbed by PSA, all under a new CEO, Carlos Tavares, who is known for his tendency to bring in drastic measures to cut costs in the workplace, which unfortunately the 4C didn't survive.

The 4C Concept, first debuted in 2011 to rapturous praise

On top of that news, Alfa Romeo themselves have been searching to regain some of the market share they have lost in recent years, by introducing a gaggle of crossover SUVs and SUVs, such as the Tonale, which will debut soon, alongside facelifted versions of the Giulia saloon and the Stelvio, which share the lineup with the nice but rather dated Giuletta, which has started to look its age in recent years. So with two new SUVs being released soon, and new facelifts to follow, it's looking less and less likely that the 4C will reappear later on or even be replaced, much like the GTV and 8C plans that were to come, with the CEO of Alfa Romeo on record as saying that the future Alfa product line has been "scaled back significantly, with a reduction in capital spending".


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