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Since the Alfa Romeo Giulia dropped in 2015, we have been eagerly awaiting news of a two-door coupe variant because the world should needs beautiful things. You may remember the Giulia’s predecessor, the 159, got its very own coupe version with the stunning Brera model but so far Alfa has stayed quiet on the subject.

Now, it looks like all of our weighty hopes and dreams could come true with the news that a Giulia Coupe could well break cover before the end of the year, before hitting the roads in 2019.

This rumour comes to us courtesy of Autocar, who say that sources close to Alfa Romeo have confirmed the new model is happening with a reveal planned before the end of this year.

The current Giulia QV saloon, a very pretty car.....

The current Giulia QV saloon, a very pretty car.....

The good news continues with the potential naming and styling of the new model as well. It’s thought that it could herald a return to the either of the iconic “GTV” or “Sprint” names that have been bestowed upon many a hot Alfa over the years.

As you’d expect, the Giulia Coupe will retain the front design from its saloon sibling, with everything from the windscreen backwards getting a redesign and a swooping roofline to match. Think of the difference between the BMW M3 saloon and the M4 coupe, and you get the picture.

It is also thought that the Giulia Coupe will be offered with a range of petrol and diesel engines found in the current Alfa line-up. This will, of course, include the 503bhp fire-breathing 2.9-litre bi-turbo V6 found in the Quadrifoglio with a few smart tech additions.

These tweaks will take the form of a hybrid powertrain boasting F1 tech including an energy recovery system (ERS), which may or may not be a variation of the HY-KERS system found in the LaFerrari hypercar.

All of this tech and internal combustion greatness could combine to give the ‘halo’ Giulia Coupe a supercar slaying 641bhp Yes, you did read that correctly, 641 brake horsepower in an Alfa Romeo!

Here is what a Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe could look like - Credit to Kleber Silva.

With the current Giulia Quadrifoglio having to ‘make do’ with just 503bhp, it runs the 0-62mph dash in a blistering 3.9 seconds before running out of pace at 190mph meaning that more powerful coupe variant could and should show a blisteringly quick turn of pace over its saloon sibling.

As usual, as this is still just a rumour, no pricing or actual specs are known at this time. But we would expect the coupe to carry a hefty price increase over the saloon model.

Are you excited that the Giulia Coupe could become a 641bhp reality? Let us know in the comments.

Header image credit to hexgraphica (hg).

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