The all-new Audi A7 Sportback is here

Sporting a stylish sharper design the new A7 is brimming with tech under the skin

4y ago

This is the all-new Audi A7 Sportback its all very pretty looking while being packed full of new-era tech. The entire car has been redesigned from the ground up. Just check out that re-worked rear light cluster, it just grabs the eye with an almost cut-through effect to the rear end.

At the front the new A7 gets the new and familiar Audi design language, the widened hexagonal-shaped grille dominates the nose of the car giving it a much sharper look. Those new headlamps are not just mere lights; now they come in three distinct flavours of plain old LED only, HD Matrix LED and the very futuristic sounding HD Matrix LED with laser high beam.

From here the A7 design is broken up by copious amounts of slashes in the bodywork giving it a flowing profile with sharpened lines throughout. On the side, now gets a far more protruding side slash giving the car a more distinctive profile. Finishing at the back, we reach that controversial rear light cluster. We think this setup looks immense; it just flows across the entire back of the car between the rear quarter panels.

Audi has also been busy with the inside which takes advantage of the slight increase in the dimensions of the car; it’s almost five metres long by two metres wide meaning more head and leg room which is a good thing.

The entire interior has been revised and takes cues from its revised sibling the A8. The centre console features twin MMI touch screens along with the now familiar digital dash setup in what Audi is calling a “Digital Driving Experience”. This is all contained within the revised luxury lounge style interior. Everything is trimmed in the finest leather with aluminium finishing the sharper edges of the interior.

Regarding the tech-fest side of things, this new A7 can remotely park itself without the need for a driver. It will also be able to drive itself in low-speed traffic once the ‘Level Three’ autonomy goes live later in 2018. The new A7 also does its bit for the planet as well; its inbuilt 48-volt electrical setup allows the motor to shut down when coasting with the kinetic energy generated being harvested as you roll to a halt. The stop-start also system cuts the motor at speeds under 14mph to benefit fuel and lower emissions.

It also features a new electronic steering setup that works out the degree of turn required by the front wheels; it even chimes in the rear wheels enabling tighter turns and more accuracy during high-speed cornering.

All of this tech and beauty will set you back from £56,000 for the 3.0 TFSI V6 when it arrives in the UK in early 2018. Four-pot motors will also be available in the usual petrol and diesel variants.

The uber models start with the S7 which we expect to be powered by the RS5’s bi-turbo V6 motor. As we reported last month, the RS7 will follow with a choice of the conventional V8 with 650bhp or a hybrid V8 with a full-on 700bhp.

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  • I'm a big fan of the a7/s7/rs7! This looks amazing! I want one now

      4 years ago
  • Like it very much. I wanna see it live as soon as posible

      4 years ago