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4y ago

So there are many vans out there that have personally been stripped down and moded all the way back up again. The thing with Transit really is unless you can make your own interiors, body kits etc. then it’s actually really hard to modify your van to a way that’s unique. I know from personal experience alloys were a bugger to find that fitted and just as soon as you thought you found something on Ebay that no one else would think of, a few days will pass and everyone and their uncles have done your idea and not even that, claimed it was their idea from the off. There are little loop holes in designing your own van modifications but now there is a van that’s been professionally designed and produced based on the Fiesta Rally Car!!!
I know that sounds absolutely out this world, but before you get too excited there is no super-fast engine like Guy Martin has, nor any anti lag system fitted. It’s still got a poky little diesel engine from Ford which I must admit isn’t such a bad thing, I mean the smallest engine in the Msport is the 155bhp and let me tell you it’s far from short on power. We spent the day out and about and there wasn’t much that kept up on legal roads (not so much tracks). So you have enough power to outdo most cars these days and you look like an absolute champion on the road. The heads it turns is unreal and make no mistake about it the extra £££ on top of a standard van shows.

Brings Me Back To My Boy Racer Days

Ryan Deacon

Ford Transit Custom Msport
So is there anything specific I can report on the van? Apart from the fact it brings me back to my boy racer days and actually makes me feel like I’m well known when everyone stopped to take pics of us it is really just a custom van with modifications to make it ready for a sexy shoot in a porn magazine.
But as I say this I can’t help but wonder who was the van made for? It surely wasn’t builders. Well in my opinion it wasn’t made to be a work van at all. Unless you’re making really good money yearly then why would you spend over £8k for a body kit? So that means that it’s for people who do track days and will use the van to tow their car to the track and still look like they are the dogs bollix. It’s a family car that replaces the estate plain and simple. It has enough room for the whole family and plenty space in the back for shopping, bikes or whatever it you participate in.
I loved every minute of being in the Msport no doubt about it. Would I head out and buy one? The grippetness in me refuses to buy ANY brand new vehicle. If money wasn’t an object and I wasn’t scared of losing £5000+ as soon as I leave the showroom then YES, I would, and I wouldn’t be afraid to use it for work either because the customers will know you’re clearly doing well. That’s my opinion on the van, I love it.

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