The All new ford transit connect m-sport

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4y ago

So we were more excited about the WRC Inspired M-Sport Transit Custom hitting our showrooms that we didnt even consider if it was a van (one) off. And then they went above and beyond and gave us the Connect and The Ranger.

Its kind of like, normal work vehicles are a thing of the past. I geniunely cant remember the feel of an old scruffy transit van. I mean when i was an apprentice I was in a N Reg Ford Transit which at the time was the upgrade of all upgrades. Everyone in the trade and families on tour had if not one then lots of them outside their premises. They were noisy, they were reliable, they were the mk5 smiley transit. And i think I grew up in the perfect era as the Transit only went from great to amazing.

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I remember hearing Ford were bringing something new to their van world and thought oh this should be great, and then i went online and seen it and straight away my mind changed. It was a horrible looking van that looked as though it had a fight in the factory with the machine that destroys duds. At no point in my life have i ever said the Connect looks like its older brother and at no point have i ever even considered to own one, thats how dead set against them i am. Now although for review purposes you would ideally prefer somone who knows what their on about and know the transit well.....iv got news for: Iknow the transit very well. The connect is just a transit wannabee and in my book thats just like watching china do a cheap copyright version of something that was already great and now it looks like a NewFoundland Dog constantly on LSD and cartoonised.

Then, out of know where the Connect M-Sport arrived and i am not going to lie immediately thought wow. I never admitted this to anyone I remember just sitting staring at it thinking how the f*ck did they pull that off? And then i had myself walking towards the van and looking around it, the next thing i know i was picturing myself behind the wheel. Surely i must of been going mad? I hate boy racer cars and things that looks like they been modified on a Job Seekers budget. This was no job seekers budget however, so i proceeded into the Ford Centre and asked to book a test drive. So its booked, but the first thing iv decided is that I must go and drive the first connect before I can judge, so bear with me and keep your eyes peeled. The Connect Msoprt Review might actually just be good ;)

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