The all-new, fully-electric Porsche 718 will arrive in 2025

Is anyone surprised?

Porsche is ready to revolutionize its entire line-up. Every existing model in the range will be electric, starting with the Macan and including the 718, but the company is also determined to keep using internal combustion for the 911 until 2030 and beyond.

The all-new 718 will debut in late 2024 as a 2025 model and it‘ll be “the most advanced [Porsche] ever”. It’ll also be the first AWD 718 ever, because one of the available variants will have two electric motors, one at each axle.

The 718 will still be available as a convertible (Boxter) and as a coupe (Cayman) and it’ll be loosely based on the recently unveiled Mission R. By the way, the Boxster will retain its fabric top.

One of the biggest technical issues with EVs is that they’re heavy - the Taycan, for example, weighs a whopping 2,000+ kg (4,400 lbs) and that’s why Porsche is developing an entirely different platform for the 718, based on the PPE architecture that the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo use.

It’ll be a miracle if they pull it off (but I guess they will), because they want the new 718 to tip the scales at 1,500 kg, which is nigh on impossible with powerful EVs, because batteries are heavy.

What about the petrol-powered 718? It’ll be probably be sold alongside its electric sibling after 2025, before being permanently retired, presumably by 2030.

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Comments (11)

  • The thing is with ICE cars, especially the purist ones, is that when driven it is the perfect coming together of man and machine. Man provides input, machine executes the order, it's the perfect balance. With all of today's regulations and assists that was bad enough with ICE cars as there was now input from the machine as well. EVs not only have a lacl of sound, but are so effortless feel even less engaging than modern ICEs. This is why purist ICEs like the Cayman need to stay as they are.

      3 months ago
  • Sad, but I guess it's better than letting the 911 go electric but still...tha cayman and boxster is pointless as an electric car.

      3 months ago
  • 😢

      3 months ago
  • Oh heck oh frig

      3 months ago
  • The “electric sports car” is an oxymoron..

      3 months ago