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The all new Tesla Model R...ecall?

The Tesla Model 3´s problems & factory defects continue to emerge, for the misfortune of their owners and Musk`s electric car company.

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Once again Tesla manages to make the headlines thanks to the quality issues afflicting the cheapest model of the American brand, the Model 3.

Some days ago Finland's Central Chamber of Commerce had concluded after a thorough inspection of a Tesla Model 3, that the quality of the paint was very poor in aspects like thickness & hardness, something that would lead to premature wear. This inspection was requested by the lawyers of Joni.S, a Finnish owner of a Tesla Model 3 whose paintwork was badly damaged despite having only done 2,200 km.

Said problem not only lies in the low quality of the paint, with a hardness that is much lower than normal in the automotive industry, and a thickness that is below what the American brand announced. This is alongside other issues like the poor adjustment of doors and the fact that the wheels protrude from the fenders which can cause projected materials to damage the body panels or scratch the paint.


In the video above, Joni shows his Model 3 and we can see the damages present in the body including scratches near the fenders caused by material thrown up by the off-centered wheels, rust in the spaces between panels and many other types of damage, although there are also factory defects such as exposed primer on the trunk hinges, on the back of some panels, on the base of the A and C pillars... In addition, there is bare steel at some points because the paint layer is very thin... and it doesn't cover fully the car's bodywork.

Given the extent of the damage to his Tesla Model 3, Joni came to ask for a refund, a complete repaint with an acceptable quality standard, or a completely new car. If Savolainen runs out of options he will have no choice but to sue Tesla for these quality defects.

Fix one issue and... Another one will pop up.



Although the problems so far seem to end... they don't, for there were way more issues at launch - large panel gaps in which a finger could be fit, problems with the trunk keeping out water, stereo, wipers making noise & scratching the windshield... I can say for sure that the Model 3 didn`t have an easy beginning. No matter how hard Musk attempts to solve an issue, as soon they solve one, another issue will arise making the already non-profitable Model 3 an anvil Tesla motors has to carry to the top of the mountain.

And the problems with the Model 3 do not end on mechanical problems. Software issues are also a part of the mix with the newest version of the Software (V10) which includes error fixes, improvements and quirky additions like the possibility of using YouTube or playing Videogames like Cuphead... as well as an impressive piece of tech called SmartSummon.

SmartSummon... Needs to get Smarter

SmartSummon is a new function that allows the car to move towards your position in a parking lot using your phone as GPS guidance, something that resembles the classical but legendary "KITT I need you!" phrase heard on Knightrider although the version of the '80s certainly works better than the SmartSummon of 2019.

So far the SmartSummon function knows how to maneuver the car out of a parking spot, but it doesn`t seem to recognize the environment around it. In several videos floating around Twitter and Youtube it can be seen many times that the drivers of Non-Autonomous cars have to slam on the brakes to avoid colliding with the Autonomous car that carelessly drives through the parking lot.

In the words of Elon Musk, the new SmartSummon function has to be used with the supervision of the driver and only in private parking or single garages, and even so, this doesn`t seem to stop the rising incidents with the newly installed function.

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