The allure of the obscure

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In Brazil, "Umbigo" has two translations- the first and technically most correct is "bellybutton", but you're far more likely to hear it referring to a passing Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle because just like bellybuttons- everyone has one. While there are plenty of good cars with loyal cult followings, how many one marque car gatherings can you handle before you've seen every 1932 Ford, 1957 Chevy and 1965 Mustang in existence? This is the drive behind this tribe, and some of you might find that this drive matches your own passions. Not that the common cars aren't good, on the contrary, most of them are heads and shoulders above any of the screwy things you're likely to see on here. A bustling aftermarket, a huge enthusiast base, and a wider variety of upgrades greet those who wish to make their common cars faster, more comfortable, and more drivable.

Summit Racing HQ: the Walmart of Automotive Performance and Upgrades

For the rest of us who are hanging on at the ragged edge, we're busying ourselves with just trying to get the darn thing to go down the road straight, and to stop with less than 3 pumps of the brakes. If we CAN find a catalog with parts, its usually in a non-english language, requires a currency converter, must be inspected by US customs and/or contains hand drawn parts diagrams.

Ah yes, a Kurbelwelle with extra kolbenbolzendurchmesser! I need one of those, and two Brennstofffilters.

I'm not complaining. Getting there is half the fun.

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