The Alluring Alvis Speed 25

9w ago


The Alvis Speed 25 is a luxury touring car built in Coventry, England from 1936 until 1940 which featured a 3,571 cc straight-6 engine producing 106 BHP at 3,800 rpm and was linked to a 4-speed manual transmission.

Alvis did not make any of the bodies for the Speed 25. The cars were supplied in chassis form and coachbuilders such as Cross & Ellis fitted the tourer body, Charlesworth fitted the saloon and drophead coupe bodies. Its beauty is also confirmed as it is the only car to win the prestigious Ladies Choice VSCC Oxford Concourse prize two years in a row.

The Speed 25 propelled the occupants at high speed in exceptional luxury accompanied by the attractive sound of a powerfully deep and throaty exhaust. The clutch, flywheel and crankshaft were balanced together, which minimised vibration. The cylinder head was of cast iron but the pistons were of aluminium. Two electric petrol pumps fed the three SU carburettors, which were protected by a substantial air filter. A new induction system incorporated an efficient silencing device which must have helped make this truly amazing car hit 100 MPH.

The Speed 25 must have been just as impressive in the late 1930s as it is today, these truly amazing cars command high prices anywhere between £60,000 to 126,000 depending on body style and condition.