The Almighty 2JZ powered 1000HP Lancia Delta "LaSupra" in Action

With its appearance based on an European Icon, the Lancia Delta, and its mechanics based on a Japanese Icon, the Toyota Supra Mk4, this machine is as exquisite as it is popular. And rightly so. This spaceframed Beast, although no longer retaining anything else from a Lancia Delta other than the door handles and front grille, its aesthetics are based on the Italian legendary Rally car but on a "turned up to eleven" style. Aerodynamics are the name of the game and they should be because they need to hold down some real power.


Peter Pentell (the owner and creator) decided to use the mechanics of a Toyota Supra on his toy, which means a 2JZ-GTE engine and all driveline (coverting it into a rear wheel drive car). But no normal amount of power would suffice so using a Single Turbo setup and some racing technology the Horsepower number we are looking here is around that lovely 1000 number.

Now the only thing left is to enjoy it in action, although not quite at Maximum Attack as the footage was taken on a Demo run at Shelsley Walsh on Retro Rides Gathering 2014. But it will be enough to give an idea of what to expect in the future..Check it out..

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Comments (1)

  • Looks like a custom car from my dreams! I love that colour! 💙

      1 year ago