The Alpine A110 one-make racing series is coming in 2018

Alpine has announced that the mid-engined A110 will get its very own racing series

3y ago

This is the Alpine A110 Cup racer; it’s going to be competing in its very own one-make racing series across Europe in 2018.

Based on the production-spec A110, this full racing spec version loses 30kg thanks to the binning of most of the interior. It’s also receives a slight tune in the form of a racing exhaust and air filter giving it a power bump to 266bhp from the factory spec car’s 247bhp.

All of this power and reduced weight is reined in by a massive Brembo brake upgrade. The six-piston calipers house 335mm discs at the front with 330mm ones at the rear. Other changes include a limited-slip differential at the rear, a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifters. All of this stripping and performance enhancing work was completed by Signatech, who build Alpine’s WEC racecars no less.

All of this fettling gives this racing A110 253bhp per tonne. One thing that could have helped this figure strangely remains. For unknown reasons, Signatech declined to remove the air conditioning system, meaning that drivers can stay cool while competing against a bunch of identical A110’s, because remaining icy cool while racing is a thing after all.

Want to have a go? The six-race series is dubbed the ‘Alpine Europa Cup’. Drivers wanting to take part will have to stump up around £90k for the car and a further £90k plus registration fees for the privilege of driving at the six races. The tracks on offer include Silverstone, Spa and Paul Ricard, with two races per event and a total prize money pot of over £142,000 on offer.

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