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Probably difficult. Who dares to try something different?

Arguably one of the first crossovers and way ahead of its time, what was this 4WD model called?

  • Eagle
  • Encore
  • Cherokee

Equipped with a huge 6.4 litre engine and two wild paint jobs, what did AMC call their compact muscle car?

  • SC/Rambler
  • Big American
  • Tarpon Torpedo

In the late 60's, many car companies used wild hues. AMC had "Big Bad" paint in three colours. Green, and what others?

  • Blue & Orange
  • Yellow & Pink
  • Purple & Red

Remember 'The Man With The Golden Gun' and that corkscrew jump? This was the car. Name it.

  • Hornet
  • Matador
  • Ambassador

AMC had relationships with quite a few fashion designers. Who designed the interior of this Javelin?

  • Cardin
  • Pucci
  • Halston

Unfortunately only five of these supercars were built before AMC pulled the plug on this massive (for them) expenditure.

  • AMX/3
  • Vixen
  • AMX II

AMC really wanted a share of the youth market and scored huge in 1968 with their new pony car. It was called the...

  • Javelin
  • Typhoon
  • Marlin

Not content with the Javelin alone, 4 months later AMC released this version which was shortened and became a 2 seater.

  • AMX
  • Hornet SC/360
  • Matador X

So impressed with the performance, the Alabama State Patrol ordered a fleet of Javelins. What top speed did one reach?

  • 158 mph (254 kph)
  • 135 mph (217 kph)
  • 127 mph (204 kph)

Another fashion designer, another model. Who designed the interior of the Hornet Sportabout?

  • Gucci
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Vivienne Westwood

This is the Marlin, AMC's attempt at a fastback. Name the 2 cars used as the basis for this model over its 3 year life.

  • Rambler Classic & Ambassador
  • Rambler American & Rambler Classic
  • Nash Metropolitan & Classic 770

AMC even dared enter the sacred grounds of Nascar where the Big Three dominated. Nonetheless, this model won 5 races.

  • Matador
  • Ambassador
  • Marlin

AMC entered a certain model in SCCA/Trans-Am races and did very well. To celebrate, they made available to the public...

  • Red, White, and Blue Javelins
  • Stars and Stripes AMX's
  • American flag motif Matadors

Here's a tough question! In 1967, AMC issued three regional Rebel wagons. What were their names?

  • Mariner, Westerner, &, Briarcliff
  • Seafarer, Northerner, &, Rosecliff
  • Bluejacket, Easterner, &, Biltmore

Known as being the first factory built high-performance mid-sized car (post WWII), what was it called?

  • 1957 Rambler Rebel
  • 1958 Rambler Ambassador
  • 1958 Rambler American

AMC's mid-sized muscle car appeared in 1970. What was it called?

  • The Machine
  • Ambassador DPL
  • Matador Machine

The right car at the right time. Sized comfortably between compacts and mid sized wagons, this was called the...

  • Concord Wagon
  • Eagle Wagon
  • Hornet Sportabout

An interesting idea, a bold look, was supposed to have a Wankel engine, but then so many things went awry. What is this?

  • Pacer
  • Gremlin
  • Spirit

What to do when you have no money to develop a subcompact car? You lope off the back end of a Hornet. Which makes this a

  • Gremlin
  • Rambler
  • Spirit
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