- I was given an almost identical AMG GT R which matches the one I have!

The AMG GT R is a Drift Beast! | EXPERIENCE

Drifting the AMG GT R is all kinds of fun!

3y ago

Along with the purchase of my AMG GT R comes an opportunity to head to Mercedes-Benz World and learn how to drive it... properly! That means joining a coach to head to both the handling circuits and also (and probably most excitingly) the wet circle to experiment with some sideways action. Not much is more fun than this!

Joined by Dafydd Williams from the MB World team, first up is to jump into the Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate with 4Matic+ (4 wheel drive) for an intro and to get a feel of the car control. Next it's the swap to a matching GT R to my own car for some practice in various different states of traction control. Toggling the selector from On to Off and stages inbetween offered a really interesting way to feel how the car really handles and what comes down the line with my car when all is set and ready.

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