The AMG GT R Pro Is Here!

The new range topper has arrived

2y ago

AMG has finally revealed to us the new GT R Pro. But straight up there's a disappointment, it still uses the same 577bhp twin-turbo V8. This is shame because it would be great to have the horsepower to back up the new aero (which looks amazing).

What's new? Well, now there are fins on the front bumper and a bigger, more advanced front splitter. It also has a slightly bigger rear wing, and a much larger wrap around defuser. It comes with all the same gadgets and creature comforts in the interior except for a big cross bar on the parcel shelf so visibility is poor. But the best new thing is definitely the huge new bonnet louvres that are inspired by those on the AMG GT3 race car. The new grey paint with stripes livery also is inspired by the racer.

Carbon ceramic brakes come as standard and so does a carbon fibre roof and wheels. It has a new suspension unit which can be adjusted by little increments with a button (like the traction control). Now the big question: How fast did it get round the Nurburgring? Well, it did in 7:04.6 which is 6 seconds faster than the standard GT R.

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