- The AMG GT4 is such a massive step up from my GT R!

The AMG GT4 Makes My GT R Look Silly! | EXPERIENCE

I got to drive the AMG GT4 on the Paul Ricard Circuit!

3y ago

My dream Mercedes AMG week culminates with the ultimate experience, an opportunity to drive the big brother racecar to my GT R, the new AMG GT4 at Paul Ricard! From collecting my own AMG GT R with Nico Rosberg, to preparing it at Topaz, then to racing them on Xbox One X to drifting the GT R at Mercedes-Benz World, the final leg of this monumental week for me has me driving some laps on this mega circuit. Could the week have been more of a dream!?

The AMG GT4 shares the 4 litre biturbo V8 with 510PS depending on balance of power, and although you can see the shared panels and components with the road going GT R, everything is turned up a notch with aggressive body aero, an 11 stage traction toggle, and the full on racing experience. AMG invited me to join the team in the south of France to experience the customer racing car and get a flavour of what it's like. First impressions: intense and challenging! Albeit based on the same car as the GT R, it's incredible how connected, raw and intoxicating this machine is.

I won't be able to forget this week in a hurry, and it's a huge thanks to everyone involved and to you, the viewers, for supporting it and making everything possible.

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