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92 kilos.

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A 2,998cc V10 that weighs only 92 kilos. That's 202.4 lbs if you are sufficiently American. That's 53 kilos less than the Rover/Oldsmobile/Buick V8. 50 kilos less than the original Cosworth DFV. 26 kilos less than a Mazda 13B rotary engine. That's 20 kilos less than a BMC A-series. In fact, it weighs about the same as the original Honda CB750 4-cylinder motorcycle engine. The original P84 in 2004 was slightly lighter, by 2 kilos, but the banning of more exotic materials and a doubling of the required endurance by the rules in 2005 made this an astonishing achievement.

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Oh, and it makes about 925 horsepower at 19,000 rpm. That's 308 horsepower per litre. It was the most powerful engine at the time in Formula 1, and failed just twice in the entire season. Oh, and it sounded like this:

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It was undoubtedly the jewel of the V10 era, which was one of the greatest eras of the F1 engine that there every was. And if F1 regulations continue as they are now, will ever be...

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