T​he Apollo IE has officially entered production with a chassis strong enough for LMP2 racing

6d ago


After parading a prototype around the world, the Apollo Intensa Emozione hypercar is officially going into production, bringing with it one of the most motorsport-based chassis in the game.

T​he savagery of the IE will never get old

W​e've seen plenty of the Apollo IE over the last year or so, with the car doing a bit of a world tour. But only now has it been fully locked-in for production, with deliveries to commence in the summer.

I​n partnership with HWA – the team behind the all-conquering Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR – Apollo will manufacture this V12-engined, carbon fibre hypercar that has half an eye on the world of motorsport.


T​he company hasn't held back about its intentions to go racing, most probably in the new 'Hypercar' class coming to Le Mans in 2021. Considering that the regulations look to emulate those of the mighty GT1 era, the partnership with HWA sounds like a fairly clever one to have bagged seeing as they took the CLK GTR to numerous global victories in the late '90s.

T​his is pure racing car stuff

T​he all-carbon fibre monocoque has been engineered by the Capricorn Group, the firm behind the tub found in the Le Mans-winning and Nürburgring-smiting Porsche 919 LMP1 car.

And according to Apollo, it's stiff enough to meet current LMP2 regulations, possibly giving an insight into intricacies of the rules set out for Le Mans in 2021.

C​ould this LMP2-compliant chassis mean that the new Hypercar rules are based on the second division of Le Mans prototypes?

T​he Apollo IE will also be the first production car to have an integrated fire suppression system and fuel cell within its monocoque; that's proper racecar-for-the-road stuff.

7​69bhp and 1,250kg will make one of these a serious weapon on the racetracks of the world

I​t'll probably have to face up to the hypercars to come from the likes of Aston Martin, McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche in two years' time but for now we will wait patiently to see one of these striking creations on the street later this year.

T​o check out what Hammond and May thought of the Apollo IE, click the video below: