The Ares Design S Concept uses a Corvette engine but is better in every way

It's not electric, thankfully and will be limited to 24 examples only.

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First, a brief about the brand. Ares Design is a car modifier that takes iconic models as base products and works extensively on them to yield out cars with stunning looks. Brief trawling over their website tells us that they have been responsible for crafting such designs that will appeal to those not ready to brook the comparatively stately designs of most manufacturers.

In their latest attempt, they have taken a Chevrolet Corvette and have worked meticulously on it to curate something that looks like a concept car and is brutally powerful. It then, is a full-blown carapace with exiguous to nix hints of the car that spawned it. And, it is called the Ares Design S Concept, a name as big as it looks and the output it produces.

It uses the engine of the Corvette which implies a 6.2-litre V8 which makes a whopping 705 hp at 6,450 rpm and 969 Nm (715 lb-ft) of torque at 5,150 rpm. Company officials also convict that it will rev all the way to a staggering 9,000 rpm. When was the last time you learnt about something that revved this high? I am sure it was before electrification stung the honchos which led to the dawn of a new but uninvited era altogether. With such revving potential and figures, I am going to give my plaudit to the car.

These intentions are also revealed in the way it looks. If you have seen the Devel Sixteen, a hypercar born in the UAE, you might link it to this one. Flared and muscular wheel arches, a steeply raked outline, massive wheels and a hood with gargantuan indentations, are all the major portraits of this car. Ares Design deserves a lot of approbation and accolades with this design of theirs. However, this design isn't without its quibbles. One look at the rear and it will remind you of the Bugatti Chiron. The light strip and the C-shaped air outlets on either sides are instant reminders of that. However, the diffuser kit isn't a cliche and contributes towards an unforgettable stance. The roof also gets a slip dividing the car into perfect halves and round appliques enacting as louvres for spewing the air outwards.

If the Corvette's looks bug you and are scouting for something more vehement than it, this is the car for you. P.S: Only 24 units will be built in total and each is expected to exchange for € 500,000 which translates to USD 594,375 currently. There is also a high probability of the company inducting more versions of it to suit your peculiar tastes, which generally is the case when one is sacrificing such exorbitant amounts of money. Hallelujah, it's not electric, Yes!

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  • I do think it looks better than the corvette but will probably have about the same numbers as the Z06 or ZR1 but for hundreds of thousands more.

      1 month ago
    • Neither the Z06, nor the ZR1 is as powerful as this S Concept. Compared to the more potent of the Corvette series, the ZR1, it still makes 200 hp more and a stonking 400 hp more than the Z06. Looks are subjective.

        1 month ago
  • Wicked!

      1 month ago


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