The Arrow McLaren SP Watch: The jewel in Omologato's crown

This watch was worth the wait...

1y ago

British based watch company Omologato have released a watch in partnership with Arrow McLaren SP. The watch, which costs £595, aims to merge the world of Indycar where the fans can afford to wear the same watch as the drivers.

Motorsport based watches is something Omologato is brilliant at - so there's no surprise that this watch looks sublime.

This watch intends to cement Omologato as an innovative motorsport where they celebrate the past and potentially future success of the McLaren Indycar team.

Omologato have been timepieces partners of Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports for a number of years now and they decided to take this one step further and in 2019 they announced a new partnership with McLaren for the 2020 IndyCar Season.

Here's what the amazing brand had to say:

“Omologato is a uniquely motorsport brand and to be involved with IndyCar was a natural step for us a few years ago. We’re delighted to now partner with Arrow McLaren SP and offer the new Premiére Edition AMSP automatic watch”.

To celebrate this major new partnership, Omologato will make just 500 Premiére Edition watches, all numbered, using automatic movements, a bespoke brushed steel case and sapphire glass to complement the dial.

Features include a 40mm case with sapphire glass and automatic movements.

You can buy The Arrow McLaren SP Watch by clicking here

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