The Art Of Formula 1 | A 2019 Exclusive Review

2019 - Cover art for Scuderia Ferrari - End of year review

2019 - Cover art for Scuderia Ferrari - End of year review

By: Migz (Christopher Migliozzi)- 12/31/2019

From concept to production, it is art that transforms an idea from science fiction to reality. Many supercars seen today are very imaginative, but it is Ferrari who take their ideas and turn it into a lifestyle. By softening the edges, and selecting the perfect leather for their interiors, they offer some of the best and the brightest designs available. From supercars to Formula 1, Ferrari begin their concept of each race with a romantic overture through their coverart. Every cover incorporates ideas to provoke each one of your senses. The curl of smoke coming from a nearby food cart, to the streaking motion of a Ferrari Formula 1 car barreling across the page; your senses are engaged and enticed for the oncoming excitement of the next race. The best artists from Italy and around the world are welcomed to team Ferrari to represent the brand. These artists also add their own personal touches which make each cover very unique. The following is a summary of the cover art produced for Ferrari in 2019 with links out to each article review. For more information about each artist, race location and more, click on the link below each cover. Please enjoy, follow and subscribe. Don't forget to vote for your favorite cover at the very bottom. Have a wonderful new year! - Migz

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Australian Grand Prix - March 17th - Artist Gianmarco Veronesi

Clouds of dust will be stirred up at the first F1 race this season as shown in the cover above. Melbourne will be the first to realize the new teams and cars that Formula 1 has to offer. The city welcomes all the excitement. St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Eureka tower can be prominently seen in the background as part of the beautiful cityscape..

The Art of Formula 1 Australia 2019 Article

Bahrain Grand Prix - March 31st - Artist Matteo Spirito

Wind is the key element in this cover art. It curls under Charles Leclerc's #16 car spiraling out the back. Another engineering marvel can be seen in the background where the wind also plays a big role in Bahrain's world trade center.

The Art of Formula 1 Bahrain 2019 Article

Chinese Grand Prix - April 14th - Artist Stefano Landini

Sebastian Vettel is pictured in this comic style rendition of the Chinese Grand Prix wielding medium tire compounds under the protection of an angelic halo. He carefully navigates the chaotic bends and elevation changes of the Great Wall.

The Art Of Formula 1 China 2019 Article

Azerbaijan Grand Prix - April 28th - Artist Francesco Mobili

The beautiful deep red and gold colors in this cover are very rich, giving a different style compared to the previous comic designs. #16 Leclerc, sporting yellow medium tires, navigates through the streets of the Baku city circuit. The flash of sunlight leaves sunspots and flares giving this a realistic feel. The rise of the three flame towers can be seen in the distant cityscape. The old wall showcases the history of this windy city in the land of fire!

The Art of Formula 1 Azerbaijan 2019 Article

Spanish Grand Prix - May 12th - Artist Marco Mastrazzo

The style of this cover showcases washed out colors with reds and purplish hues. The colors blend as #5 Sebastian Vettel pushes forward with unique Barcelona architecture of Casa Milà and others in the background.

The Art of Formula 1 Spain 2019 Article

Monaco Grand Prix - May 26th - Artist Valerio Schiti

Interesting as the UPS "selective yellow" is more prominent than the Ferrari yellow. Also, we do not see a car number such as Vettel's #5 o Leclerc's #16. Traditionally we see the car in the foreground racing toward's us, instead, this one is facing away. We also see the track layout and the significance and importance of the port in conjunction with this significant race! The city in the background remains almost unfinished or unimportant as we wait to find out who the winning Scuderia Ferrari driver will be!

The Art of Formula 1 Monaco 2019 Article

Canadian Grand Prix - June 9th - Artist Giuseppe Liotti

A past racing legend looks on from one halo to another wishing the very best to team Ferrari as they take on the Canadian Grand Prix. The Montreal biosphere landmark can be seen in the background of the reflection of Villeneuve's helmet. Will Ferrari conquer this grand prix?

The Art of Formula 1 Canada 2019 Article

French Grand Prix - June 23rd - Federico Carlo Ferniani

Sweeping lines often represent motion, but in this case there is focus on the the blue and the red of Circuit Paul Ricard (as explained below). The blue, white and red colors of the track and thus the French flag blend with the black, red and yellow of Ferrari as we catch a glimpse of the La Castellet countryside.

The Art of Formula 1 France 2019 Article

Austrian Grand Prix - June 30th - Artist Kemp Remillard

Sebastian Vettel #5 coming at you in HD! This crystal clear cover focuses on the ribbon of the Austrian flag as Scuderia Ferrari takes on the Red Bull Ring. The beautiful lakeside town of Hallstatt is pictured in the background

The Art of Formula 1 Austria 2019 Article

British Grand Prix - July 14th - Artist Gianmarco Veronesi

The red cross of St. George representing England, the white cross of St. Andrew representing Scotland and the red cross of St. Patrick representing Ireland can clearly be seen in this cover showcasing a section of the union jack for the British Grand Prix. Blended into the cover is the sharp peak of the Silverstone wing

The Art of Formula 1 Britain 2019 Article

German Grand Prix - July 28th - Artist Matteo Spirito

In this cover... Ferrari celebrates 90 years and you can feel the excitement with Sebastian returning to his home track. The pressure is on and Seb will meet the challenge as his passion is electric. These colors may blur from speed, but they don't run! With the utmost concentration, Vettel prepares for the win.

The Art of Formula 1 Germany 2019 Article

Hungarian Grand Prix - August 4th - French Carlomagno

Charles Leclerc #16 is showcased in this Hungarian Grand Prix cover. The pink track layout of the Hungaroring, with corners 4 through 8, frame one of the guardian lions of the Budapest chain bridge spanning over the River Danube. The horizontal red, white and green colors of the Hungarian flag, wave in the distance as the vertical tricolore green, white and red colors of the Italian flag are displayed on front of the Ferrari formula car.

The Art of Formula 1 Hungary 2019 Article

Belgian Grand Prix - September 1st - Artist Riccardo Torti

This cover is quite interesting and requires a little research, the focus being a stamp. Stamps typically mark an important moment in time or person or place. The framing of the cover is a stamp with the newest Ferrari driving into this historical track (possibly Vettel based on the helmet). The stamp within the stamp is that of the National Basilica of the Sacred Heart atop the Koekelberg Hill in Brussels. The cancellation of the stamp includes the date of June 22nd 1952. On this date at this circuit was a 1 - 2 win by Ferrari with Alberto Ascari taking first place and Nino Farina taking second. 1952 Drivers' Championship – final standings resulted in three Italian drivers, all Ferrari, in a 1 - 2 - 3 line up (Alberto Ascari taking first place, Nino Farina taking second and Piero Taruffi taking 3rd).

The Art of Formula 1 Belgium 2019 Article

Italian Grand Prix - September 8th - Artist Gianmarco Veronesi

Ferrari celebrates it's 90th anniversary at their home circuit in Italy and the celebration is reflected in this cover. The focus is on the team and its drivers including Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc front and center.

The Art of Formula 1 Italy 2019 Article

Singapore Grand Prix - September 22nd - Artist Giacomo Bevilacqua

The Marina Bay Sands hotel towers above the circuit as "the welcoming hand of Singapore" (the ArtScience museum) directs the drivers along the course. The pink sky may warn the calm before the storm as #16 billows smoke as he powers ahead. Leclerc is not looking back, he has waited long enough. Congrats deserved on his first win, the second win showed determination, tomorrow's win will prove that he's a force to be reckoned with! Good luck team Ferrari!

The Art of Formula 1 Singapore 2019 Article

Russian Grand Prix - September 29th - Artist Antonio Fuso

Sebastian Vettel is featured on this fabulous Ferrari cover. The yellow and orange colors celebrate the first signs of autumn as Ferrari champions on, leaving merely a ghostly image of their past behind. If you blink, you might miss the Sochi skyline in white, featuring the marine passenger terminal. What lies ahead for Ferrari? Will we see another 1, 2 finish?

The Art of Formula 1 Russia 2019 Article

Japanese Grand Prix - October 13th - Artist Matteo Cremona

Charles Leclerc is shown curling around this picturesque corner of the Suzuka track as Japanese cherry blossoms fall to the ground. The falling petals call out to enjoy the journey of being one of the select few to race formula 1 for Scuderia Ferrari. Time flashes by just as the 2019 Formula 1 season has.

The Art of Formula 1 Japan 2019 Article

Mexican Grand Prix - October 27th - Artist Valerio Befani

The color red in this cover may represent red in the Mexican flag for the blood of those lost in the fight for independence, it may represent Ferrari red for Scuderia Ferrari, it may represent the coming holiday, the day of the dead "Día de Muertos". Either way, it represents people fighting for their beliefs and passion. We see Sebastian Vettel firing down the circuit with the city scape of Mexico city in the background and the Angel of Independence over his right shoulder.

The Art of Formula 1 Mexico 2019 Article

United States Grand Prix - November 3rd - Artist Lorenzo De Felici

Like detectives we try to visualize the meaning behind each artist's rendition of their work. Here we see Ferrari in motion by the wheels kicking up debris from the track. We have the red white in blue front and center. But this is at night, and what is that in the skyline, in front of the buildings? Bats! Happy Halloween weekend USA! ... Well played Mr. Lorenzo De Felici!

The Art of Formula 1 United States 2019 Article

Brazilian Grand Prix - November 17th - Artist Giuseppe Camuncoli

Charles Leclerc races through the back alleys of Sao Paulo in his red batmobile? This seems very apropos for Giuseppe Camuncoli, the artist who has worked on Batman for D.C. in the past.

The Art of Formula 1 Brazil 2019 Article

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - December 1st - Artist Gianmarco Veronesi

It's time for round 21 and the final race for 2019. In this vibrant and final cover of the year we see both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel in the same shot (not often seen on previous covers), both racing hard, side by side for the season finale. The landmark sketched is the beautiful, W hotel, Yas Marina.

The Art of Formula 1 United Arab Emirates 2019 Article


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