The Art of Formula 1 | Austin Texas, USA | with artist, Lorenzo De Felici


Scuderia Ferrari welcomes artist, Lorenzo De Felici, to the team. Check out his beautifully rendered cover art for the 2019 United States Grand Prix!

The 2019 United States Grand Prix cover by Lorenzo De Felici for Scuderia Ferrari

Like detectives we try to visualize the meaning behind each artist's rendition of their work. Here we see Ferrari in motion by the wheels kicking up debris from the track. We have the red white in blue front and center. But this is at night, and what is that in the skyline, in front of the buildings? Bats! Happy Halloween weekend USA! ... Well played Mr. Lorenzo De Felici!

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"From March to October, 1.5 million bats emerge nightly from narrow crevices in the underside of the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. They usually start to emerge from the bridge around 20 minutes before sundown." - Trip Savvy

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About the artist - Lorenzo De Felici

Lorenzo De Felici is an Italian comic artist and colourist. After graduating from the Comics School of Rome he began working as a colourist for Sergio Bonelli Editore on the mini-series "Caravan" (covers) and the series "Orfani" (interior). He continued his work as a colourist on the series "Lukas" (covers) and "Dylan Dog" issue 337, "Spazio Profondo" (interior). In 2013 he coloured the graphic novel "Monster University" for Walt Disney America. He made his debut in France on the series "Drakka" for Ankama Editions, written by Frederic Brémaud. In 2018 he co-created — with Robert Kirkman — and artist of the series "Oblivion Song", for Skybound / Image Comics. - Scuderia Ferrari

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What should we expect from the United States Grand Prix?

Charles explains the track

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