The Art of Formula 1: Budapest, Hungary with Artist, Patrizio Evangelisti

2021 - Cover Art for Scuderia Ferrari

2021 - Cover Art for Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari welcomes back cover artist, Patrizio Evangelisti

About the "Art of Formula 1" series

This is a series dedicated to Scuderia Ferrari's F1 Grand Prix cover art and the artists behind the work. It includes my interpretation of the cover, insights (did you know) into a nugget of information about the grand prix location, some words from Ferrari (track info. etc.), informational links to artist's sites and other Art of Formula 1 series works.

The Art of Formula 1: Budapest, Hungary with Artist, Patrizio Evangelisti

Evangelisti uses the Hungaroring track layout to create a type of Doppler effect as Carlos Sainz Jr. blasts off toward a podium finish, fingers crossed!

Did you know?

Constructed in 8 months time, the Hungaroring held the first formula 1 grand prix, behind the iron curtain, in 1986. The previously held lap record for the circuit was by Lewis Hamilton in 2020 with a lap time of 1:16.627. The ring also offers the Off-Road Centrum, where drivers can test their off-roading skills through various tracks and obstacles including: the forest, the cross track, the trial track and the off-road training track. See video below for details.

About the Artist - Patrizio Evangelisti

Patrizio Evangelisti is an Italian illustrator and comic artist. Born in Viterbo (Italy) in 1969, he graduated from the Academy Of Fine Arts in Rome. He is the co-creator, along with Marco Bianchini, of the character "White Termite". The first three volumes were published both in Italy and France by Pavesio Editore. He also worked with Lo Scarabeo Publishing, illustrating two tarot decks and a board game. He collaborated with Sergio Bonelli Editore, providing the art for a short story published on Dylan Dog Color Fest #3, written by Claudio Chiaverotti. In 2019 he published the fourth volume dedicated to White Termite, with Delcourt.

What should we expect from the Hungarian Grand Prix?

Team Ferrari explains the track!

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