- Scuderia Ferrari - Marco Mastrazzo cover

The Art Of Formula 1 | Lucca, Italy | With Artist, Marco Mastrazzo

2018 - Cover Art For Scuderia Ferrari

By: Migz (Christopher Migliozzi)- 10/29/2018

Comic Con has arrived in Lucca Italy with 'Lucca comics and games 2018' from October 31st to November 4th 2018 at the Palazzo dell'Illustrazione - Banca del Monte Foundation in Piazza San Martino!

In the center of it all is the "Scuderia Ferrari - Art Of Racing" exhibit (sound familiar?), featuring artist designed, Scuderia Ferrari covers from 2017-2018! Made for the event is a special Scuderia Ferrari cover by master artist, Marco Mastrazzo!

Website Exhibit Review:

"With the Scuderia Ferrari GP Covers exhibition, the Maranello House, an icon of style, technology, luxury, speed and design, recalls the tradition of poster art, giving it a modern breath, between art and pop culture, with a series of original dedicated illustrations at the Grand Prix of the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

41 works signed by the most important exponents of Italian and international comics (including Kim Jun Ji, Karl Kopinski, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Claudio Villa and the same LRNZ), who embody the spirit of the Scuderia and give to fans, both historical and new, one unpublished look at the world of Grand Prix.

For the first time, most of them will be exhibited for the public of Lucca Comics & Games, which will also be able to admire an unpublished one dedicated to the "Grand Prix of Lucca"."

- www.luccacomicsandgames.com

Artists Attending

Many of the Scuderia Ferrari artists will be attending the event not only representing their cover art but also other works such as "Tintoretto The Pirate of Venice"!

image: https://www.facebook.com/skyarte/photos/a.288371721266913/1651124104991661/?type=3&theater

The Art Of Formula 1 | Lucca, Italy | With Artist, Marco Mastrazzo

Scuderia Ferrari - Marco Mastrazzo cover

This Scuderia Ferrari cover features an unnumbered car (could it be Sebastian or Kimi?) as it travels through the leaf covered Fall roads of Lucca. The Guinigi Tower is prominent in the background with its ancient holm oaks enjoying the view of the beautiful city.

Did you know?

Marco designed the cover art for F1 Scuderia Ferrari for a total of 5 Grands Prix in 2017 including: April 9th, April 30th, May 28th, September 17th and November 12th! With one of my personal favorites being the 2017 Chinese Grand Prix:

Scuderia Ferrari - Marco Mastrazzo

He also designed this year's Azerbaijan Grand Prix cover (one of the most exciting races of the season)!

Scuderia Ferrari - Marco Mastrazzo

About The Artist - Marco Mastrazzo

Marco Mastrazzo was born in 1989 in Canelli, Italy. He is a self-taught artist with a background in technical studies with a focus in geometry. In 2016, Marco started his professional career after being scouted by Roberto Recchioni, (curator of "Dylan Dog", an Italian comic book series), to create a cover for the series 'Color Fest". Marco has also worked on cover art for "Universo Cosmo" comics. In 2017 he started collaboration with Ferrari Scuderia to create poster art for the formula one world championships!

Image: Marco Mastrazzo

For More About Lucca Comics & Games 2018:


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