- Scuderia Ferrari - Cristiano Spadoni

    The Art Of Formula 1 | Sao Paulo, Brazil | With Artist, Cristiano Spadoni

    2018 - Cover Art For Scuderia Ferrari

    2018 - Cover Art For Scuderia Ferrari

    By: Migz (Christopher Migliozzi)- 11/9/2018

    Although the Formula 1 World Driver's Championship has been clinched by Lewis Hamilton, the constructor title is still on the line! Will it be decided in Brazil?

    The Art Of Formula 1 | Sao Paulo, Brazil | With Artist, Cristiano Spadoni

    Scuderia Ferrari - Cristiano Spadoni

    Scuderia Ferrari - Cristiano Spadoni

    Kimi races through the center of Sao Paulo in this Scuderia Ferrari cover of the Brazilian Grand Prix. The muted green, yellow and blue colors of the Brazilian flag and the green, white and red of the Italian flag can be seen in this interpretation of the Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge, with the purple glow of the busy city in the background.

    Did you know?

    The Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge has two curved tracks that cross creating an X with a single center support tower which also has an X shape. This is the only bridge in the world with this unique shape and layout.

    About The Artist - Cristiano Spadoni

    Born in Rome in 1974, Cristiano started working as an illustrator in different fields, from poster designing to the publishing industry and also in cinema as a “fashion illustrator”. He became a comic book artist by working on issue 18 of Demian (together with Maurizio Di Vincenzo), published in 2007. After working on 3 issues of “Magico Vento” on pencil drawings by Giuseppe Barbati, he joined the team of “Julia”(an Italian comic book series). - bio by IDEA Academy

    Spadoni Self Portrait - creative commons

    Spadoni Self Portrait - creative commons

    What Should We Expect From The Brazilian Grand Prix?

    Kimi explains the layout of the track.


    Video: Ferrari

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    Please comment below with your predictions for the Brazilian Grand Prix as well as your own feedback of Scuderia Ferrari's cover art!

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    Comments (2)

    • Is it wrong that I look forward to the art detail more than the race?

        2 years ago
      • No, that's the point. There is so much story behind it and often time it gets just a glance. No one takes the time to figure out the hidden meanings in the picture or the story behind the artist. Also, some people just are not into formula 1 but...

        Read more
          2 years ago


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