Scuderia Ferrari welcomes back artist, Giuseppe Camuncoli, to the team. Check out his beautifully rendered cover art for the 2019 Brazillian Grand Prix!

Charles Leclerc races through the back alleys of Sao Paulo in his red batmobile? This seems very apropos for Giuseppe Camuncoli, the artist who has worked on Batman for D.C. in the past.

Did you know?

Beco do Batman, also known as Batman Alley (depicted in the above cover) is a frequented tourist destination known for it's graffiti art. It originally got it's name from a tribute created in the 80's of D.C.'s Batman. The empty space was later filled by local art students. The work can be found in the cross streets around Vila Madalena.

About the artist - Giuseppe Camuncoli

Giuseppe was born on March 02, 1975 in Reggio Emilia, Italy. He started with self-publishing as an independent and later was hired by DC Comics and Marvel Comics working on various projects such as: Hellblazer, Robin, Batman, Captain Atom, Spider-Man, X-Infernus, Dark Wolverine, Darth Vader, just to name a few. He also worked on Diabolik and Dylan Dog. He is currently working freelance for Marvel and D.C. comics and is the founder of Italian Job Studios based in Rome.

image: Giuseppe Camuncoli (source: dc.wikia.com)

image: Giuseppe Camuncoli (source: dc.wikia.com)

What should we expect from the Brazillian Grand Prix?

Sebastian explains the track


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